Best 6 Easy Ways or Tricks to Lose Weight Fast [Guaranteed Last Minute Advice]


Achieving weight loss and reaching your ideal weight is a journey and hitting a weight loss plateau is hard to avoid. Here are different 6 tips that you can start using immediately to get off the plateau and get back on track.

Here are the 6 Easy Ways to Lose Weight very Fast:

1 Your body needs to be fueled after sleeping, so not only will it get you off to a great start and give you energy, it will also help you to avoid hunger pangs later in the day.

2 Water is a Simple, Effective and Easy way to get off the weight loss plateau. Water not only aids in the burning of body fat, it also flushes toxins out of the body and these toxins can act as barriers to weight loss. An added benefit of water is that it leaves you feeling full. Aim to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day. 

3 To burn off fat deposits from your stomach, rub your hands together for 15 seconds (to generate friction heat) and then rub small circles around the belly button. 

4 Do this for 25-40 seconds each time and for a few minutes twice a day. This works because of the heat… it attacks the fat cells. To put a picture to it, basically the fat cells get zapped and loosen up and get shuttled out of your body. 

5 To diet safely you must get plenty of water. Preferably 8 glasses of water per day! I know you’ve heard this one before but your body is 70% water so it needs water to replenish the water you are excreting from your system. You can drink other liquids but, then you need to consciously adjust your diet to accommodate those extra calories. The fact is that good old water is the best thirst quencher you can get! 

6 Also, if you get a craving for junk food, then allow yourself to have junk, once or twice a month. However, next day do 15-20 minutes additional workout, to burn off those excess calories. 

This will help you stick to the best weight loss tricks or programs better, and get control on your cravings naturally.

Make it a point to get your rest. In order for your body to work properly and to be able to burn fat efficiently your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Keep a regular schedule, and a regular bedtime. Diets can be hard, and many people fail at them because they force you to eat only certain foods, and tell you to completely avoid others. You do not have to “diet” to eat healthier. Create meal plans and stick to them. If you love hamburgers, eat hamburgers. But maybe look into getting lean beef burgers and cook them yourself and avoid unnecessary condiments, which add on sugar, calories and fat.